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About this website
The Australian Stud Book website is updated daily. All records found on this site are the property of the Australian Stud Book.

The Australian Stud Book (ABN: 64 358 205 057) (ASB) is a wholly owned business of Racing Australia Limited (ABN: 89 105 994 330) (RA).

The Australian Stud Book wishes to thank Vinery Australia for use of the foal image on the home page.
The Australian Stud Book
The term "Australian Stud Book" refers both to the officially published records of Thoroughbred bloodlines in Australia and to the Division of Racing Australia Pty Ltd which is responsible for the maintenance, accuracy, quality and integrity of those records.
In September 2014 Racing Information Services Australia Pty Limited (RISA) purchased the assets of the Australian Stud Book (ASB) subsequently on April 13th 2015, RISA along with its asset ASB merged with the Australian Racing Board (ARB) to form one entity named Racing Australia Pty Limited and on September 18th 2015 Racing Australia Pty Limited ultimately converted from a proprietary company to a public company named Racing Australia Limited (RA).
Mission Statement
The mission of the Australian Stud Book is to ensure the integrity of Thoroughbred breeding in Australia.
  • Ensure the true parentage of all Thoroughbreds born in, or imported into, Australia
  • Record and publish the breeding lines of the Thoroughbred in Australia to international standards in accordance with its obligations under the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Wagering
  • Provide industry population, breeding statistics and trends for national and international use
  • Develop proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Racing Australia on how technology can be applied and managed to best benefit the breed, ensuring proven technological advances can be rapidly utilised
  • Maintain staff development to ensure the highest standards of service to the industry and public
  • In accomplishing its mission the Australian Stud Book must be run on sound business principles, funding its own operational and development costs from income.
ASB an influence on the world
The Australian Stud Book is a founding member of the (ISBC) International Stud Book Committee, comprising nine world stud book authorities, which has met annually since 1976 to ensure the relativity of rules and expedite the international movement of horses. Many Australian Stud Book initiatives have been adopted by some or all ISBC members, and other stud book authorities including:
  • determining the age of a foal based on service date
  • improving international tracking with a permanent life number for every horse
  • streamlining export procedures to expedite the international travel of horses
  • displaying on the website the new name of any horse with a name change
  • simplifying pedigrees with country suffixes after every horse name
  • defining a specific rule prohibiting artificial breeding practices
In addition, the New Zealand Stud Book adopted the Australian initiatives of freeze branding, DNA typing, microchipping, and the inclusion of New Zealand brands in our National Brands Register to ensure freedom of movement across the Tasman.
Ongoing commitment
Racing Australia is dedicated to providing independent breed integrity through the Australian Stud Book. Foresight and dedication will ensure the Australian Stud Book strives to continually improve the services for breeders and remain a world leader in its field.
The first stud book was compiled by William C Yuille, sporting editor of the Melbourne Weekly Times in 1878.  Yuille ran a bloodstock agency at 47 Bourke Street West, Melbourne which later became Wright Stephensons, then Wrightsons Bloodstock and finally New Zealand Bloodstock.  Yuille’s son Archibald Yuille, who was later honoured with life membership of the VRC, together with FF Dakin assisted Yuille to compile the records of several colonial stud books into a national register called the Australian Stud Book.  The Australian Jockey Club and Victoria Racing Club assisted financially with Volume 3 and      officially recognised the Australian Stud Book from Volume 4 onwards.  When the cost of publishing the records proved too burdensome for Yuille, he sold his copyright and publishing rights for £2000 to the AJC and VRC for ‘the express purpose of preserving an official record of the breeding industry in Australia and of assisting to improve the standard of the blood horse in the country’.  Other principal clubs assisted financially until 1949 when a yearly charge was introduced for each mare.
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Compiler Years Notes Volumes
William C Yuille 1878 Founder 1
Archibald Yuille 1882 Son of founder 2 - 9
Keeper of the Stud Book   Deputy Keeper
1. Archibald P Wilson 1909 10
2. Leslie G Rouse 1914 Died in office Gordon MacKellar 11 - 15
3. A Loddon Yuille 1928 Grandson of founder Gordon MacKellar 16 - 21
4. Walter J McFadden 1949 Retired Douglas McKay 22 - 34
John Wolsley  
Roderick Page  
5. Roderick Page 1985 Retired Michael Ford 35 - 36
6. John Digby 1988 Retired Michael Ford 37 - 40
7. Michael Ford 2004 Retired Melanie Hill 41 - 43
      Jacqueline Stewart  
8. Jacqueline Stewart 2014 Current