Happy Birthday01 Aug 2014
In 1860 the Australian Jockey Club*, on its own initiative, and against the resistance of other clubs, changed the official birthday of Thoroughbreds in Australia from 1 January to 1 August. Because mares come into season during the spring when Australian pastures start to grow, the Northern Hemisphere birth date of 1 January was not compatible with Australian conditions. Assigning one day of the year for the horses' birthday also made it easy to schedule races with age conditions, particularly two-year old and three-year old events, rather than using the exact birthday of a horse. *The Australian Jockey Club (AJC) merged with the Sydney Turf Club in 2011, and is now known as the Australian Turf Club.
Official Covering Season01 Aug 2014
Stallion Proprietors are reminded that any mare covered prior to 1 September 2014 must contact the ASB to obtain a ‘Declaration of Pre Covering Season Activity’ form and any foal conceived by artificial insemination, embryo transfer or cloning can not be recorded in the Australian Stud Book.
Reminder to Breeders16 Jul 2014
Any mare covered by a stallion that has not been recorded to stand in the 2014 covering season, will not have the covering recorded in the ASB records, or any resulting progeny accepted. To ensure your choice of stallion is eligible to cover this season, check the stallion’s header block on our website. (New imported stallions are exempt and will not be displayed as standing until late August, due to completing the import DNA process).
Reminder to Stallion Proprietors19 Jun 2014
The Online Stallion Return facility is now available for stallion proprietors to lodge stallion returns for the 2014 covering season. Accessible through the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Stallion Return’ header on our website, and upon acceptance of payment, your stallion will be advertised on our website with stud or contact name, phone number and 2014 service fee, and also displayed in the 'Stallions Standing in Australia' listing. A 5% discount applies for Stallion Returns lodged Online by 30 June 2014.
Branding Reminder05 Mar 2014
A reminder to breeders that all weanlings should be freeze branded at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your veterinarian DNA sampling and microchipping to ensure brands are clearly visible as permanent white hair markings.
Was your mare Not Served in 2013?31 Jan 2014
A reminder to lodge Not Served mare returns by 31 March. To access the Online mare return program, log on via the home page and select the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Lodge Mare Return’ header. If your mare has died or you have retired her from breeding, please advise us to enable her records to be closed. This can be completed by logging onto the home page and selecting the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Update Horse Details’ header.

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