Online Services Credit Card Payment Facility Unavailable02 Sep 2015
Please try to delay lodging online in the meantime while our IT support staff endeavour to resolve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience and will advise when the system has been restored.
Official Covering Season31 Aug 2015
Stallion Proprietors are reminded that any mare covered prior to 1 September 2015 must contact the ASB to obtain a ‘Declaration of Pre Covering Season Activity’ form and any foal conceived by artificial insemination, embryo transfer or cloning can not be recorded in the Australian Stud Book.
Reminder to Breeders30 Jul 2015
Any mare covered by a stallion that has not been recorded to stand in the 2015 covering season, will not have the covering recorded in the ASB records, or any resulting progeny accepted. To ensure your choice of stallion is eligible to cover this season, check the stallion’s header block on our website (new imported stallions are exempt and will not be displayed as standing until late August due to completing the import DNA process).
Stallion Returns due 30 June22 Jun 2015
Lodge Stallion Returns Online by selecting the Online Services header / Stallion Returns / Lodge Stallion Return tab and follow the steps. New imported stallions are exempt and will not be required to submit Stallion Returns until the import DNA process is finalised.
Did your mare Miss or Slip to her 2014 covering?26 May 2015
A reminder to lodge Missed or Slipped mare returns as soon as possible. To access the Online mare return program, log on via the home page and select the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Lodge Mare Return’ header.
Reminder to Stallion Proprietors05 May 2015
The Online Stallion Return facility is now available for stallion proprietors to lodge stallion returns for the 2015 covering season. Lodge them Online by going to the Online Services header / Stallion Returns / Lodge Stallion Return and follow the steps. A 5% discount is applicable for returns lodged Online by 30 June 2015.