Stallion Returns Due 30 June02 May 2016
The Online Stallion Return facility is now available for stallion proprietors to lodge stallion returns for the 2016 covering season. Accessible through the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Stallion Return’ header on our website, and upon acceptance of payment, your stallion will be advertised on our website with stud or contact name, phone number and 2016 service fee and also displayed in the ‘Stallions Standing In Australia’ listing. A 5% discount for Stallion Returns lodged Online by 30 June 2016. If your stallion has died or you have retired him from breeding, please advise us to enable his records to be closed. This can be completed Online by selecting the ‘Online Services’ / ‘Update Horse Details’ header.
Microchipping 2015 Born Foals07 Apr 2016
Microchip kits are being sent out each month, alphabetically by the breeder’s surname, for foals to be DNA tested and identified. To check your month of allocation, enter the mare’s name and under the heading Unnamed Mare Produce, the month in which your foal is scheduled to be microchipped and identified, is displayed.
Was Your Mare Not Served In 2015?15 Mar 2016
A reminder to breeders to lodge Not Served mare returns as soon as possible. You can lodge them online by going to the Online Services header / Mare Returns / Lodge Mare Return and follow the steps.
Import and Export Fees05 Jan 2016
The new import and export fees will apply from 1 January 2016: $550 for all horses imported to Australia (capped at $550 for multiple imports per 12 months) and $250 for all broodmares imported to be served by an Australian based stallion. $500 for all horses exported from Australia (capped at $500 for multiple exports per 12 months) and $350 for all broodmares and foals at foot exported.
TBA Launches National Welfare Programme07 Dec 2015
Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) has launched a national programme to prioritise and promote the welfare of thoroughbreds. The landmark initiative will see the national peak body and all state breeding associations adopt a set of agreed guidelines, as well as the appointment of welfare officers in every state. To read the full article, click on the heading above.
Mare Return Reminder17 Nov 2015
A 5% discount applies for breeders lodging Online. Payment options for both Online and Telephone lodgement include credit card, BPay or cheque. If you choose the BPay or cheque payment option, the ASB office must receive payment within 7 days of lodgement to ensure the return is accepted at the standard fee.